About us

3.0 Lawyers and Tax Advisers has highly qualified staff with expertise in commercial law, corporate law, tax law, new technologies and litigations.

Experience has shown us that each case has different legal implications. Consequently, the work methodology employed by 3.0 Lawyers and Tax Advisers includes a multidisciplinary analysis of all matters entrusted to us.
Bridging gaps, working in “partnership” and a detailed knowledge of our clients allow us to provide efficient solutions that satisfy their legal needs.
We have an optimistic vision of a better future, and we believe in cooperation and collaboration. For that reason 3.0 Lawyers and Tax Advisers allocates 0.7% of its annual turnover to social aid.


Esther Barneda

Commercial, Real Estate, M&A, New Technologies and Intellectual Property.

Laura Lamas

Tax Law, M&A, Family Business, Successions

Andrea Valdivieso

Tax Law, Successions, Tax and Accounting Management

Eva Muñoz

New Technologies and Intellectual Property, Data Protection

Eugenio Jover

Technical Accountant

Gianella Calderón



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