3.0 Lawyers and Tax Advisers provides specialised legal services in the following areas: Tax Law Commercial Law, New Technologies, Intellectual Property and Litigations.

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Tax Law lawyers in Barcelona

Tax Law

Tax advice of the highest quality for professionals and businesses. We make sure your “tax bill” is as low as possible.

Commercial Law lawyers in Barcelona

Commercial Law

Our firm specialises in company law and in designing commercial agreements to guarantee all the legal aspects of your business activity.

New Technologies and Internet Law Lawyers in Barcelona

New Technologies and Internet Law

Feel free to operate via the Internet in complete safety. We make sure your online business complies with the law.

Conflicts and Litigations lawyers in Barcelona

Conflicts and Litigations

We are experts in civil and commercial proceedings. We define pre-litigation strategies to prevent conflicts and defend your interests.

Family Business lawyers in Barcelona

Family Business

Our firm specialises in planning successions in family-owned businesses at the lowest possible tax cost. Having an optimum equity structure is essential to obtain tax benefits.

M&A lawyers in Barcelona


Expert advice on the different processes involved in merger, acquisition and spin-off processes and all types of structural corporate modifications.

Intellectual Property lawyers in Barcelona

Intellectual Property

Knowing and protecting the intellectual and industrial property rights applicable to your works will guarantee their ownership and economic exploitation.

Successions lawyers in Barcelona


We prevent disputes among your loved ones and reduce the tax cost in transfers of assets including inheritances and legacies, among others.

Tax and accounting management lawyers in Barcelona

Tax and accounting management

We make sure your company fulfils all its tax, accounting and labour obligations.

Insolvency Lawyers in Barcelona


We offer advice during the pre-insolvency phase, in addition to preparing and processing insolvency proceedings.

Data protection lawyers in Barcelona

Data protection

Compliance, audits and advice on the Data Protection Law. Legal defence in sanctioning processes imposed by the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

Real estate lawyers in Barcelona

Real estate

Legal and tax advice for businesses and individuals on real estate operations.


Ley Crea y Crece

El 19 de octubre de 2022, entró en vigor la Ley 18/2022, de 28 de septiembre, de creación y crecimiento de empresas, teniendo entre otros, el objetivo de agilizar la creación de empresas, su crecimiento, reducir la morosidad comercial y facilitar el acceso a la financiación.

Temporary Tax on Large fortunes

On 28 December 2022, Spanish Law 38/2022, of 27 December, was published in the Official State Gazette (BOE), creating the Temporary Tax on Large Fortunes, as well as other temporary taxes and amending other tax regulations.

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